We all have experienced hoarse voice at some time or the other, at times even voice loss. Often, the advice given was to rest your voice and do not strain it. Yes, this is what laryngitis can do to your vocal cords as it irritates it and cause changes in your voice. This becomes frustrating when you require to use your voice to render a speech or sing and even for oral presentation. Your physician would recommend corticosteroids if there is an urgent necessity to treat laryngitis.

In nearly all laryngitis cases, an antibiotic does not help as the cause is generally viral, though in a bacterial infection, your physician might advice an antibiotic. But such vocal cord inflammation can also be effectively treated by the plant derived compound CBD (cannabidiol) which is a natural, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial agent and carries no adverse reactions unlike the prescription drugs.

What Laryngitis Means

Laryngitis denotes inflammation of your larynx or voice box from infection, overuse or irritation. Your larynx contains the vocal cords which open and close effortlessly creating sounds through their vibration and motion. However, in laryngitis, there is irritation or inflammation in the vocal cords. Such swelling results in distortion of the sounds generated with the passage of air over the cords. This causes a hoarseness in your voice and in few cases of laryngitis the voice can become nearly inaudible. Laryngitis can be acute or long lasting and chronic.
Most instances of laryngitis are activated by a short duration of viral infection or vocal stress and is not so serious.

How Long Are You Contagious With Laryngitis

How To Use CBD Oil For Laryngitis,Inflammation Of Larynx

The viruses which are responsible for laryngitis are not highly contagious. Researchers hold that the most contagious time period for laryngitis is when the person infected suffers from fever. Less common factors behind laryngitis that are likely infectious are bacterial and in rare cases. fungal infection.
Laryngitis constitutes a common complication of various viral infections such as common cold and bacteria. Besides, mechanical strain like talking or singing are general non infectious reasons for laryngitis. Viral laryngitis is not generally contagious, though the viruses that give rise to laryngitis like for instance the common cold virus are infectious and can be transmitted from one person to another.

Generally, the period of infection in common cold is earlier on prior to the start of the symptoms and when the congestion and cough symptoms are at its highest. Contrary to this, laryngitis evolves later after the various respiratory symptoms recedes, and usually occurs after the period of infection is over. A pragmatic approach should be that if you are having fever or suffer from upper respiratory signs such as runny nose then you may be contagious and need to take necessary safeguards. After these signs disappear, you are no longer contagious.

Symptoms Related To Laryngitis

In most instances the symptoms of laryngitis remains for less than a few weeks and are caused by a virus. In very rare cases, laryngitis symptoms occur due to some serious reasons or can be long lasting. The symptoms of laryngitis can include:

  • Hoarseness
  • Feeble voice or loss of voice
  • Tickling feeling and harshness of throat
  • Sore and dry throat
  • Dry cough

Some self-care process like resting the voice and consuming enough fluids helps the vocal cords to recover. But in case if the signs persist above two week you should visit a doctor. Moreover, instant medical attention becomes necessary if you have breathing troubles, cough up blood, experience heightened pain, trouble in swallowing and fever that does not subside.

Ways CBD Can Help In Laryngitis

How To Use CBD Oil For Laryngitis, Inflammation Of Larynx

The inherent properties contained in the plant compound CBD oil helps in treating laryngitis. Besides, being abundant in Vitamin C as CBD is a well-known antioxidant that eradicates free radical, it is also abundant in omegas 3 and 6 that helps to produce the hormones that control inflammation and the contraction of your arteries. The vitamins E and C present in CBD does aid in maintaining the health of the mucous membranes that border the throat. In addition, this miracle natural compound can help in the following ways:

Regulates Inflammatory Conditions

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can assist in controlling the vocal cord inflammation in laryngitis. This phytocannabinoid helps in lowering the pro-inflammatory cells called cytokines which also triggers the pain receptors of the neurons.

Further, when CBD attaches to the CB2 receptors of the hyperactive immune cells, it triggers a particular kind of anti-inflammatory protein known as caspase. As caspase gets activated it signals the initiation of the death of the immune cell or apoptosis. As the immune cells perish through caspase stimulation, the inflammatory action gets regulated and cytokine production is lowered.

CBD Is Loaded With Anti-Bacterial And Antiviral Qualities

The natural antiviral and antibacterial characteristics of CBD oil for laryngitis helps in fighting the virus which causes laryngitis. It has been proven that the inflammation countering, antibiotic and improvement of cardiovascular circulation that CBD makes the human system experience helps to a large extent in diminishing most of the symptoms related to the common cold.

In laryngitis, CBD can help to eliminate the virus which causes the larynx inflammation and infection. Besides, researchers have confirmed through experimentation with different CBD concentrations the dose-dependent curbing of the HCV virus. This suggests that CBD can aid in greater virus-obstruction if used in higher concentration. In addition, CBD can reduce the frequency of the herpes outbreak.

Final Thoughts On CBD Oil For Laryngitis

The multifarious medicinal properties of CBD has made it a much sought after phytocannabinoid to treat numerous infections and respiratory disorders like COPD and asthma. A natural remedy CBD can even bolster your immune system and safeguards your body from getting infected with these viruses. This makes it a potent therapy for inflammation and viral afflictions like pneumonia, influenza virus, pharyngitis and laryngitis.

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