CBD is the newly emerging natural chemical compound which is extracted from the different strains of the hemp flowers. It was first discovered by Dr. Roger Adams at the University of Illinois in 1940. According to a new study conducted by The American Journal of Psychiatry use of CBD can help in fighting with the craving of heroin addiction. According to the director of the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai Yasmin Hurd “The intense craving is what drives the drug use”. If we use certain medication which can help in reducing these craving then easily we can fight addiction.

In the conversation with CNN, Yasmin Hurd said that her team worked with 42 adults who were at the verge of heroin addiction from last 13 years. These participants were divided into different groups and they were given 800 milligrams of CBD and 400 milligrams of placebo. They were receiving straight one dose for three days. The team also used Epidiolex which is the first ever FDA approved medical cannabis approved medication. After the doses participants were shown videos and photos of natural scenes and scenes that depicted drug and paraphernalia. After that, they were asked to rate their cravings and anxiety. Participants who were given doses of CBD, shown the drop in stress, cortisol, and hormones.

CBD can be a major breakthrough in fighting with heroin addiction and opioid overdose deaths. After passing 2018 Farm Bill CBD business has been grown in the medical industry.

“Say No to Drugs”

CBD helps to curb Heroin Addiction
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You will be shocked to know that nearly 4000,000 Americans have died due to the opioid-related issues since 2000 and this number is slightly less than the number of deaths during World War 2. Dr. Hurd said that there are so many people dying and this is the time when we need developing medications such as CBD.

CBD not only manages the drug cravings and anxiety, but it also helps in fighting with inflammation and chronic pain. Hurd also said that there are a lot of questions to be answered in the next study. Speaking about the benefits of CBD Hurd said that, CBD is the completely non-psychoactive and non-addictive natural compound which helps to reduce the craving and anxiety and this can help in saving so many lives.

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