Lyme is a serious disease which is caused by infection of different bacteria. Borrelia burgdorferi is a bacterium which is responsible for carrying deer ticks. This infected tick can be transmitted by an animal bite. If you spend more time in the grassy area and involved in animal husbandry then you have more chances of developing Lyme disease.

Today in this article you will read about all signs and symptoms related to Lyme disease. I will also tell you treatment option related to Lyme disease including CBD For Lyme Disease.

Lyme disease: Signs and Symptoms

The Signs and Symptoms of Lyme disease may vary from person to person. Today you will read about common symptoms which can help you to identify Lyme disease.

Early signs and symptoms

Usually, you will see a small red bump which is very much similar to a mosquito bite. This bump may get resolved if it is not related to Lyme disease.
You will see rash which usually appears after three to thirty days after the tick bite. The rash looks like bull’s eye pattern which expands its size with the time. You will not feel pain but you will go through a warm feeling when you touch it.

  • Fever and chills
  • Body ache
  • Fatigue
  • Stiff neck
  • Headache
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Pain in the affected area
  • Nerve pain
  • Numbness or tingling sensation in your hands and legs

Later Signs and symptoms

In some cases, symptoms usually appear after weeks and months therefore below I have mentioned some early symptoms related to Lyme Disease.

  • Rash after a tick bite can be seen in different body parts
  • Severe joint pain and swelling in the knees is also visible
  • After infection, you will suffer from neurological problems such as inflammation in brain cells. In more severe cases paralysis of one side of the face is seen.

Role of CBD in fighting Lyme Disease |CBD For Lyme Disease

For understanding the role of CBD, we have to understand what is CBD. CBD is a natural compound which is extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant through a variety of methods such as CO2 extraction, Olive oil extraction, and Dry ice extraction method. The best thing about these extractions method is that you get zero strain of THC in extracted CBD. CBD is obtained in different forms such as Isolate, Wax, Tincture and Oil.

CBD is rich in the anti-pain and anti-inflammation property which makes it useful against Lyme disease. When you consume CBD in Lyme disease it reduces inflammation from the affected area. It also helps you to fight with joint pain and body pain.

CBD and Endocannabinoid System

Our body has an Endocannabinoid System and its receptors known as CB1 and CB2. The main function of the Endocannabinoid system is to maintain the homeostasis of the body. The main function of the CB1 receptor is to regulate pain, mood, and hunger. The CB2 receptor is directly incorporated with your central nervous system by which your healing process is boosted.

Final words on CBD For Lyme disease

Lyme is a very chronic disease in which if proper care is not given it can lead to neurological problems. Proper care and treatment are a must when you are suffering from Lyme disease. To reduce the symptoms of Lyme disease you can use CBD. Cannabinoid or known as CBD is found in the flowers of the hemp plant. You can use CBD in different forms such as Vaping. Using CBD infused E-juice in a vape pen. If you want to get quick benefit from CBD then vaping is the most effective method. You can also use CBD Topicals such as cream, oil, and serum. Topical is the simplest form of CBD to use all you have to just apply over the affected area.

I hope you like this article on “Use CBD to fight with Lyme Disease”. I have mentioned all the essential information related to Lyme disease and CBD still if you have any questions or suggestions related to this article then leave it in the comment section. If you are aware of any other natural treatment option related to Lyme disease then feel free to mention it.

Thank you for reading this article.

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